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Welcome to Altegis Group

Altegis Group delivers national, State and regional labour market research, workforce development and analysis services, including program reviews and strategic plan development. Altegis Group undertakes this work for a range of organisations including businesses, industry associations, community groups, not-for-profits and Federal, State and Local Government agencies.

We work with a variety of industry sectors to develop strategies to:

  • improve productivity
  • analyse and evaluate employment practices
  • identify and address skills imbalances
  • review and analyse organisational initiatives and programs, and develop strategic business plans
  • analyse industry related vocational education and training
  • design and implement workforce development and deployment solutions which are meaningful and useful to our clients.

Altegis Group has significant expertise in large group and individual engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders through the use of focus groups and forums, as well as face to face and telephone interviews. We also offer our clients a sophisticated survey capability. Altegis Group staff are highly skilled in the use of a range of qualitative research techniques such as Future Search forums, logic mapping, attribute mapping and Social Network Analysis.

Altegis Group