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CLIENT: The Construction & Property Services Industry Skills Council with Funding through
the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
The barriers and drivers for bricklaying apprenticeships was based on national surveys conducted across Australia with current bricklaying apprentices, bricklaying contractors/host employers, as well as RTO bricklaying lecturers.

The report explores reasons for individuals taking up bricklaying apprenticeships, as well as the pre-entry aspects including: who influences the decision, apprenticeship knowledge of support &/or subsidies, the impact of pre-apprenticeship programs, and various stakeholder views on the ideal candidate for bricklaying apprenticeships.

Survey results also highlighted perceived reasons for the high attrition rate within bricklaying apprenticeships and perceptions of on-the-job training within bricklaying. Employers reflect their reasons for taking on an apprentice and their views on the perceived cost of taking on an apprentice.
Barriers and Drivers for bricklaying apprencticeships