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CLIENT: University of Ballarat
The Institute of Professional and Organisational Learning (IPOL) was created by the University of Ballarat in 2008 in recognition of the importance of taking a University wide approach to the professional development of its staff. One of the functions allocated to IPOL was the design and delivery of a Leadership and Management Development Framework. In recognition of the complexity of leadership and management functions in a multi-sector organistion such as UB, IPOL commissioned Altegis Group to undertake a Leadership and Management Needs Analysis in order to articulate the leadership and management development needs as perceived by UB mangers and aspiring leaders.

Interviews, focus groups and on-line surveys were conducted with all levels of staff and management throughout the various departments and sectors of the university. The report presents the key drivers and perceptions of leadership from within UB and reports on the leadership and management capabilities of the university. Further, the ability of the organization to develop leadership and management is reviewed with recommendations presented for a leadership and management framework and development.
Leadership and Management needs analysis report